As the Greatest of scientists and artists will tell you, constant research and review is the foundation which excellence is built

Developing new blends and flavours

Like all people, your tastes would also have changed over time. At Idhayaa, it's important for us to keep pace with you. We cooperate with many tea experts and other food experts to bring you new flavours and blends.

Our experts have scoured the world for different combinations, in order to bring you the right mix for classics like Gold, Darjeeling and English Breakfast. The Idhayaa Signature Blend, which is the basis for all flavoured teas, is the product of a lot of research.

Our tea masters have cooperated with spice experts to make the many flavoured tea bags - lemon, cardamom, ginger, masala. This would take many hours of experimenting - with blends, proportions, tastes etc, before they get a combination that everyone appreciates. Indeed, creating these combinations has been an art in itself!

Maintaining Standards

We ask you to think of yourself as Idhayaa, the brand itself. You create a blend of strength and exquisite taste, and the whole country loves you for it. Your technologists ensure it reaches the customer in perfect condition. Now how do you ensure, that year after year, you deliver on this promise?

You set and uphold the most demanding standards in the tea industry. You undergo periodic examinations, to show that you have lost none of your ability to discern the best from the second best, however fine the difference. And you recognise that however high your standards, the final word belongs to the best tasters ever - the customers who have been loyal to Nilgiris Idhayaa, decade after decade. Therefore, you carry out regular surveys of customer satisfaction, across the length and breadth of India. You report the feedback to your research and development team, who carry out the necessary improvements. It's tiring, but wouldn't you relish the exhilaration that you've kept a promise, however difficult?

Research and Development

This is a core pillar that upholds our commitment to excellence. It is based on meticulous and scientific research that we developed the 'vacuum sealed' packing technology and protocol that keeps your tea fresh. It was also the same commitment that led us to develop TESSTM technology.

Our research team consists of trained and experienced

  • Botanists, who understand the care of tea plants;
  • Chemists, who understand the characteristics of tea;
  • Tasters, who select the best teas and design suitable blends;
  • Engineers, who devise and innovate the best technology; and,
  • Market Surveyors, who report on customer satisfaction.


Nilgiris Idhayaa has a dedicated logistics and supply team that ensures that your favourite brand is always available on a shop shelf near you, and of the freshest stock.

Help us foster excellence

Pursuing our commitment to excellence, we are always ready to listen to feedback from our customers.