Black Tea

  • Idhayaa Black Tea - A Perfect Balance of Strength and Power.

  • Black tea makes up the majority of tea sold in the world. And is popular for its rich color and taste. The Traditional robust brew is produced when tea leaves are subjected to the complex range of processing stages of withering, rolling, oxidation, desiccation and grading.

Cardamom Tea

  • Idhayaa cardamom tea is our delicious light tea with a sweet aroma of natural cardamom

  • Quality teas selected from best teas of Nilgiris Tea plantations, flavored with cardamom. A tea of excellent color, taste and aroma. The luxurious blend of premium nilgiris tea crafted by our master blenders is a delightful and relaxing brew to enjoy any time of the day.

Chamomile Tea

  • Idhayaa chamomile tea is a great choice, if you're searching for a warmimng tea with pure calming and soothing character on the go.

  • Made of high quality dry chamomile flowers that can be highly recommended for therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

  • Even better, you can pack this little pack in your bag and take them with you whenever you need a personal soothing moment or to create a cozy warm feeling far-away from home.

Cinnamon Tea

  • Cinnamon is a gentle and relaxing herb enjoyed for Centuries by Europeans as a tonic.

  • 0ur Premium hand picked black tea leaves when blended with natural cinna- mon sticks, leave you feel more alert and focused yet calm and relaxed with adept of flavour like any other.

  • Best Time to consume - Best enjoyed in the afternoons or after healty meals.

Darjeeling Tea

  • Experience the floral aroma and richness of Darjeeling Tea, handpicked from the finest Tea garden of darjeeling.

  • Magnificent Flavour and Delicate aroma with a matchless character, it perfectly compliments the taste of a discerning Darjeeling Devotee.

  • Idhayaa darjeeling tea is packed with care and sealed specially to preserve its essence, so that you get the same delectable flavor every time you take a sip.

Earl Grey Tea

  • Earl Grey tea is one of the most popular teas worldwide and like most teas it has a variety of benefits.

  • The bergamot in Earl Grey tea has been known to have a calming effect on people, as well as to boost a person's mood. This is due to bergamot's natuJal aromatherapy qualities.

  • In this way Earl Grey is a good natural solution for people suffering from depression, stress and anxiety.

Ginger Tea

  • Infused with the spicy zest of ginger for a refreshing drink that exudes a soothing aroma. An enjoyable brew during cold weather. It is a concoction that combines the goodness of tea with the benefits of ginger to produce a wholesome and refreshing blend.

Green Tea

  • Green tea is produced by first heating fresh green leaves to prevent oxidation and subsequently rolled and dried.Idhayaa's Green tea can help you make the most of everyday.

  • We think our green tea blend is perfect for those moments during the day when you need a few moments to re - energize and revive yourself.

  • It's perfect for the morning - a dose of pure sunshine in your system to gear yourself up for the day.

Idhayaa Tea+

  • Idhayaa Plus+ tea is known for its finest blend of the best tea grades in the world.

  • This a blend of Thiashola Tea plantations in Milgiris which spread over a majestic 190 hectares and it lies at the height of 6000ft - 70000ft above sea level produces high quality tea in nilgiris.

  • The high end quality tea from nilgiris what makes the pack unique with high aroma and briskness.

Lemon Tea

  • Idhayaa Lemon Tea is not just a cup of tea, it's therapy - 0ne sip at a time.

  • Wake up to a cup of hot Idhayaa Lemon tea and feel how our black tea with a twist of citrus lemon leaves you feel light and active.

  • Since lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, lemon tea also aids in immunity development and detoxifying your body. The faint citrusy scent of lemons enlivens senses so you can get up and begin your day with renewed energy.

Masala Tea

  • Idhayaa masala tea is a flavoured tea made by brewing finest quality black tea with a mixture of delicious aromatic indian spice flavours to treat your senses to a perfect harmony of flavour & spice.

  • Rich masala combines Idhayaa's signature tea with a redolent mixture of spice flavours - for an experience that makes you go.

Moringa Tea

  • Idhayaa's Moringa tea is an excellent energy drinkI The tea is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that will help clear your mind and boost energy levels . It is rich in calcium, potassium, beta-carotene, Vitamin C and iron.

  • This multiple number of nutrients present in the Moringa leaves makes it a perfect raw mateJial for herbal infusion.

Pepper Mint Tea

  • Idhayaa brings you deliciously light and refreshing peppermint infusion . This contains pure peppermint leaves with a cooling effect. So inhale the delicate aromas and enjoy this cool and refreshing minty taste to round off a meal.

  • 0ur light all - natural black tea is infused with peppermint leaves that are freshly grown at our farm and carefully dried to leave you feeling fresh with every sip.

Tulsi Tea

  • Restore yourself with idhayaa's healing blend of black tea with the sacred herb - Tulsi, revered foJ over several years as the "Mother Medicine of Mature"

  • Being 100% certified organic, this soothing herbal tea wipes out body toxins and detoxifies the system in a jiffy; a clear and glowing skin follows suit.

  • For best results - use our idhayaa's tulsi tea twice a day to beat the stress and pump up the energyI


  • Idhayaa coffee is a strong blend with distinctive character. Coffee beans are roasted a little longer to produce the characteristic italian flavour profile: The best choice for those who love the pure pleasure of an authentic coffee.

  • Packaged after being freshly roasted and ground to maintain exceptional quality, That makes an aromatic thick decoction when used in a south indian filter.

Sukku Mali Coffee

  • Idhayaa Sukku Malli coffee is the traditional south indian beverage which is spicy and sweet with its pure and natural ingredients like cardamom, dry ginger, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, lemon grass, natural cane sugar.

  • It has a rich aroma that even opens nasal blocks that aJe caused due to cold and give relief to throat infections also. It can be a good remedy for slight cough or fever, fights depression and an anti-oxidant.